Top 50 High Page Rank Social Bookmarking Sites List of 2019- How Will?

Do you want relevant visitors every day for your website or blog?

Some bloggers complain that we do not know enough about SEO, so we do not have high traffic on our website.

But it is possible to attract visitors to come to our website or blogs. There is two SEO techniques are, first is On-Page SEO techniques and second is OFF-Page SEO techniques.

This article or post, I will give you “Top 50 High Alexa Rank and Google Page Rank Social Bookmarking Sites List” which are the best platform to create a large amount of traffic for our website or blogs. As you know how is so important SEO for our Blog or Website.

Social Bookmarking techniques are the best techniques to create large traffic on our website or blog. This technique is so helpful and improves Alexa & Google Page Rank. So what are you waiting for? Come here and get a list of social bookmarking sites?

This article, I will tell some points…

  • What is Social Bookmarking?
  • How do social bookmarking?
  • Benefits of Social Bookmarking?
  • Top 50 High Alexa & Google Page Rank Site list of 2019
  • What is Social Bookmarking?

On Social Bookmarking websites, you can share your website or blog content like images, articles, videos and URL links which are so helpful to attract the new visitors to come to our website or blog.

Now the question is “How to get Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank? or How to increase Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank?”

When you share or submit your website or blog URL to high Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank Social Bookmarking Sites then you get large traffic or audience.

  • How do social bookmarking?

It is a very simple process. First, you have to choose one website of the High Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank Social Bookmarking sites. I’m choosing Reddit.

Let I show you what you do on this website.

Step-1: Create an account on

Just press the sign up button which you see the right top corner.

how willStep-2: After the press sign up button, enter your email address.

how will

Step-3: Enter your username and password. Verify the reCaptcha.

how will

Step-4: After successfully creating reddit profiles then you press the “CREATE POST”.

how will

Step-5: If you are doing a post or article then first choose “COMMUNITY” then enter the title and text then click to post.

how will


If you post a link or URL then enter your link title and URL after that you click the post button.

how will

As you see how is so simple. So follow them to all Social Bookmarking Sites.

  • Benefits of Social Bookmarking?

  1. Helps You Go for the Viral
  2. Increase Traffic of your website
  3. Build Your Brand
  4. Improve SERPs (full form: search engine results page)
  • Top 50 Social Bookmarking Sites with Alexa Rank of 2019


  1. FaceBook (Alexa Rank=3)
  2. Twitter (Alexa Rank=11)
  3. Reddit (Alexa Rank=19)
  4. Pinterest (Alexa Rank=67)
  5. Tumblr (Alexa Rank=68)
  6. Medium (Alexa Rank=182)
  7. Getpocket (Alexa Rank=772)
  8. Plurk (Alexa Rank=1,339)
  9. Disqus (Alexa Rank=1,360)
  10. Foursquare (Alexa Rank=2,233)
  11. Scoop (Alexa Rank=2,321)
  12. Digg (Alexa Rank=2,667)
  13. Dzone (Alexa Rank=2,753)
  14. Flipboard (Alexa Rank=4,131)
  15. Myspace (Alexa Rank=4,231)
  16. Slashdot (Alexa Rank=4,910)
  17. Pearltress (Alexa Rank=5,648)
  18. BoingBoing (Alexa Rank=5,649)
  19. Fark (Alexa Rank=6,730)
  20. Metafilter (Alexa Rank=8,016)
  21. Hubpages (Alexa Rank=10,155)
  22. Mix (Alexa Rank=13,601)
  23. Diigo (Alexa Rank=15,947)
  24. Instapaper (Alexa Rank=22,884)
  25. Bitsdaq (Alexa Rank=29,128)
  26. Techdirt (Alexa Rank=35,044)
  27. Bibsonomy (Alexa Rank=52,301)
  28. Citeulike (Alexa Rank=54,022)
  29. Folkd (Alexa Rank=56,230)
  30. Growth (Alexa Rank=1,25,408)
  31. Sitejot (Alexa Rank=1,50,753)
  32. 4 Mark (Alexa Rank=1,54,723)
  33. Bookmark 4 You (Alexa Rank=1,67,372)
  34. Bizugar (Alexa Rank=1,69,855)
  35. Blogengage (Alexa Rank=1,74,189)
  36. Blink List (Alexa Rank=1,79,589)
  37. Dot Net tricks (Alexa Rank=1,92,654)
  38. 1 Look 4 (Alexa Rank=1,96,883)
  39. Mozy Links (Alexa Rank=2,04,519)
  40. Vie Search (Alexa Rank=2,10,648)
  41. A1Bookmarks (Alexa Rank=2,18,629)
  42. Link Arena (Alexa Rank=2,26,239)
  43. Utoms (Alexa Rank=2,61,187)
  44. Bookmark Feeds (Alexa Rank=2,69,847)
  45. Whitelinks (Alexa Rank=2,71,920)
  46. (Alexa Rank=2,73,394)
  47. Yemle (Alexa Rank=2,82,485)
  48. Links Beat (Alexa Rank=2,86,549)
  49. Blogmarks (Alexa Rank=2,88,648)
  50. Blog Bookmark (Alexa Rank=2,88,810)

I have listed the Top 50 High Alexa & Google Page Rank Site list of 2019 which give you the best quality of backlink of your website or blog.


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