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Computer - Aided Manufacturing short name CAM - How Will?

Computer – Aided Manufacturing short name CAM

Computer - Aided Manufacturing
Computer-Aided Manufacturing short name is CAM. CAM is the use of computer software to control machine tools and related machinery in the manufacturing of work-pieces. CAM is now a system used in schools and lower educational purposes. CAM is a subsequent computer-aided process after computer-aided design (short name is CAD) and sometimes computer-aided engineering (short name is CAE), as the model generated in computer-aided design and verified in computer-aided engineering can be input into CAM software, which then controls the machine tool.

People often voice disappointment that robots do not quite have the pervading influence on modem-day life that was once envisaged. They are not making us breakfast, cleaning our cars or putting our kids to bed. In fact, it is easy to think that they have all but forsaken constantly working for us. They are just a lot more humble then we ever expected them to be, since the work they do is all behind the scenes.

French engineer Pierre Etienne Bezier (1910-1999) first developed the UNISURF program while working at Renault. UNISURF was created to use computers to aid with design and manufacture of automobile bodies and other similar systems. Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) makes use of software tools to communicate with the machines in charge of producing components.

People were initially concerned that Computer-Aided Manufacturing would do away with the need for skilled engineers and technicians. In fact, the use of CAM has arguably improved their position, since they can now get on with the more desirous work and the tasks they have the repetitive manual labour of recreating part after part.

Although many different varieties of Computer-Aided Manufacturing software now exist, Bezier left a lasting mark on the industry not only for pioneering the technology but also for surface-both of which are used extensively in computer graphics and design modelling.


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