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Food Mixer: Beach speeds up kitchen tasks with a lightweight motor - How Will?

Food Mixer: Beach speeds up kitchen tasks with a lightweight motor

Food Mixer by www.e-worldz.com

“{The Hamilton Beach drink mixer} became as much a tradition as hot dogs, apple pie or baseball.” by Goodman’s (Online Shopping Catalog)

Chester Beach grew up on a Wisconsin farm and it was there that his natural aptitude for replacing fixing machinery was nurtured. He met his future business partner. Hamilton when they were both working at an electrical motor company in Wisconsin in the early 1900s. Realizing their potential for a profitable future, the pair formed the Hamilton Beach Manufacturing Company.
What made the company so successful was essentially Beach’s invention of a high-speed, lightweight universal motor. The motor was able to safety and consistently achieve up to 7,200 revolutions per minute and its ability to run on both AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) meant that it was extremely adaptable. The motor was used in their food mixer-which was a huge success for the company and later in their equally profitable drink mixer as well as many other appliances. The introduction of the food mixer in 1908 revolutionized home cooking, allowing for speedier preparation and larger quantities of food to be made in the home.
The company was fortunate in the timing of the introduction of their drink mixer in 1911. Doctors in the United States had begun to publicize the health benefits of malted milkshakes and the appliance soon became a must-have for every self-respecting suburban American household. Beach and Hamilton also came up with a range of other electric-powered domestic products, including hair dryers as well as other kitchen utensils such as a better mixer. The company still trades today under the Hamilton Beach name producing a wide range of products.

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