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Fuel Injection: Adams-Farewell does away with the choke - How Will?

Fuel Injection: Adams-Farewell does away with the choke

Fuel Injection by www.e-worldz.com

“I put a new engine in my car but forget to take the old one out. Now my car goes 500 miles per hour.” by Stephen Wright {Comedian}

As anyone who has ever tried to start up an old automobile will tell you, a choke is a miserable thing to operate. Pull it out too far and you flood the engine, do not pull it out far enough and the engine will not fire. It is not surprising, therefore that automotive engineers did everything in their powder to eradicate the need for carburettors. How did they do this? They invented fuel injection.
Now commonplace on all production cars fuel injection is an automatic, accurate way of keeping the engine’s fuel-to-air ratio at suitable levels. Modern computer systems use precise sensors and gauges that react to very quick changes in operation such as sudden acceleration to decide how much fuel is needed at any one point. Then the fuel injection system developed by the manufacturer Adams-Farwell of Dubuque, lowa, employed this principle but was entirely mechanical.
Designed for use with automotive diesel engines the idea of fuel injection sat on the shelf largely untouched for about thirty years before it was used in wartime aviation. Even after that it still wasn’t really seriously considered for use in spark –ignited gasoline engine s until the mid-1950s.

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