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Laser Printer fastest and high-quality printing device - How Will?

Laser Printer fastest and high-quality printing device

Laser Printer
Laser printing is an electrostatic digital printing process. It produces high-quality text and graphics by repeatedly passing a laser beam back and forth over a negatively charged cylindrical drum to define a deferentially-charged image.

In 1969, while everyone else was experimenting with LSD, Gary Starkweather was hard at work at Xerox’s research facility in Webster at New York, experimenting the laser printer. Two years later, Starkweather, who since won Academy Award for his work with Pixar on film input scanning, constructed the working laser printer system.

The laser printer relies on the concept that-like magnets-opposites attract. The laser printing process begins with the laser applying the desired pattern on the revolving printer drum. The beam reverse the drum’s positive charge, making certain areas negatively charged. These negatively charged areas attract toner, a positively charged powder.
After a wire applies a strong negative charge to the printing paper, a rolling belt feeds the paper past the drum. The toner is pulled from the drum by the paper. The paper is then zapped to neutralize its charge. Before the paper can be ejected, it needs to go through the fuses. This is a pair of heated rollers that melt the toner powder thus fusing it onto the paper. The only thing that saves the paper from incineration at the hands of these rollers is the speed at which it files through them.
Xerox failed to see the potential of the laser printer, however, discouraging Stark-weather from pursuing his invention. Even when they finally began producing commercial models, Xerox missed out on the business prospects abounding in the sale of Toner and paper. Hewlett-Packard began selling the world’s first personal laser printer in 1980, leaving Xerox in their toner dust.

Color laser printers use colored toner (dry ink), typically cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK). While monochrome printers only use one laser scanner assembly, color printers often have two or more.


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