Top Free 60 high Alexa Rank and Google Page Rank Blog Submission Sites List of 2019.

If you are looking for the high Alexa Rank and Google Page Rank Blog Submission Sites List of 2019 then “How Will?” is the right place or website for you. These Blog Submission websites have a good quality of backlinks which mean that have a good traffic source.

Every blogger or people want more traffic and more sales but most of blogger or people don’t know to get the traffic on own website or blog.

SEO is the best and fastest way to get traffic on the website or blog. SEO improve your Alexa Rank and Google Page Rank which means your website has high popularity.
In this article, I am telling you about submitting a blog submission, blog or website URL, top Alexa Rank and Google Page Rank Blog Submissions Sites 2019.

What Are Blog Submission Sites?

Blog submission websites are the sites in which you submit the URL of your blog or website. The blog allows submitting a blog or website URL for free on the submission website. In the return of submitting your website or blog URL to the blog submission sites, they give you a backlink.

Sometimes it is a nofollow backlink and sometimes the backlink you get is dofollow.

There are many types of blog submission sites available in the blogosphere.

Some of the blog submission websites allow you to submit the URL for free and some of them will ask you to pay.

But if you have low the budget then we will tell you Top Free 60 high Alexa Rank and Google Page Rank Blog Submission Sites List of 2019.

How To Use Blog Submission Websites List?

Step 1: Choose any one website in the “Blog Submission Sites List of 2019”. (I choose Somuch=

how will?

Step 2: Open the website or click the website name/URL.

Step 3: Register on the website. (Some website needs it)

Step 4: Click to submit your site.

Step 5: Accept the guidelines and click to continue button.

how will?

Step 6: Fill all the details which are you seen.

how will?

Step 7: Somuch support team will review your submission and sends you a confirmation email once your site goes live.

Benefits of using Blog Submission Websites?

If you have done it correctly, then the blog submission directory is helpful in many different ways.

First of all, you should not pay attention to all spam blog submission websites and do not submit your website or blog on it.

Now let us look some different blog submission directories benefits.

  • Help you to get more exposure.
  • Helps you follow backlinks on your site to get quality.
  • Helps you get targeted traffic to your site.
  • Helps you increase your indexing rate in search engines.

Top Free 60 high Alexa Rank and Google Page Rank Blog Submission Sites List of 2019

how will

  1. Blog Arama (Alexa Rank=85,493)
  2. Somuch (Alexa Rank=1,56,727)
  3. Blog Flux (Alexa Rank=1,85,625)
  4. Bocaiw (Alexa Rank=1,95,482)
  5. Information Crawler (Alexa Rank=1,95,483)
  6. Anoj (Alexa Rank=1,98,334)
  7. Ranaf (Alexa Rank=2,03,164)
  8. Alist Sites (Alexa Rank=2,03,674)
  9. Blog Top Sites (Alexa Rank=2,04,641)
  10. Blogs-Collection (Alexa Rank=2,06,684)
  11. H-Log (Alexa Rank=2,09,117)
  12. Sites-Plus (Alexa Rank=2,10,536)
  13. Free Top Rank Directory (Alexa Rank=2,11,023)
  14. Directory SEO (Alexa Rank=2,18,257)
  15. Best Business Webdirectory (Alexa Rank=2,25,744)
  16. Topsites Webdirectory (Alexa Rank=2,26,343)
  17. Linkpedia (Alexa Rank=2,31,165)
  18. A1 Web Directory (Alexa Rank=2,33,471)
  19. Bizz Directory (Alexa Rank=2,33,883)
  20. Blog Ville (Alexa Rank=2,36,518)
  21. 9 Sites (Alexa Rank=2,42,183)
  22. Jewana (Alexa Rank=2,42,985)
  23. Info-Listings (Alexa Rank=2,43,248)
  24. Blog Hub (Alexa Rank=2,58,062)
  25. Worldweb-Directory (Alexa Rank=2,58,605)
  26. Bloggernity (Alexa Rank=2,60,061)
  27. Free Directory Submit (Alexa Rank=2,70,961)
  28. Pegasus Directory (Alexa Rank=2,75,171)
  29. Site Pro Motion Directory (Alexa Rank=2,78,119)
  30. Happal (Alexa Rank=2,78,287)
  31. Submission Webdirectory (Alexa Rank=2,82,133)
  32. High Rank Directory (Alexa Rank=2,88,264)
  33. Add Business (Alexa Rank=2,94,540)
  34. Ananar (Alexa Rank=2,99,923)
  35. Home Page Seek (Alexa Rank=3,02,658)
  36. Live Popular (Alexa Rank=3,05,934)
  37. Online Society (Alexa Rank=3,06,876)
  38. Blog-Search (Alexa Rank=3,07,067)
  39. W3catalog (Alexa Rank=3,08,352)
  40. Addfreewebdirectory (Alexa Rank=3,08,760)
  41. Promote Business Directory (Alexa Rank=3,10,159)
  42. Cipinet (Alexa Rank=3,10,493)
  43. Fuelmyblog (Alexa Rank=3,14,921)
  44. 1 Abc (Alexa Rank=3,16,050)
  45. Picktu (Alexa Rank=3,18,670)
  46. Blog Listing (Alexa Rank=3,22,568)
  47. Blog Roll Center (Alexa Rank=3,27,088)
  48. Plazoo (Alexa Rank=3,30,990)
  49. Gain Web (Alexa Rank=3,40,590)
  50. Usgeo (Alexa Rank=3,41,424)
  51. Pro Link Directory (Alexa Rank=3,42,869)
  52. Blog Directory (Alexa Rank=3,44,097)
  53. Blogger Now (Alexa Rank=3,67,221)
  54. Bedwan (Alexa Rank=4,10,791)
  55. Blog Swirl (Alexa Rank=5,20,996)
  56. The Free Directory (Alexa Rank=5,38,708)
  57. Aaf14 (Alexa Rank=7,58,574)
  58. Marketing Webdirectory (Alexa Rank=8,96,945)
  59. Wils Domain (Alexa Rank=9,94,475)
  60. Hottest Blogs (Alexa Rank=10,65,653)

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